Yes I have messed-up runner's feet - no manicure can help them!

The Art of Burning 164,500 Calories

Well, “the diet” has officially started. I had to provide my starting weight, and boy it was even a couple pounds higher than it had ever been. No female who is overweight is jazzed about posting her weight in public, and I am no exception. But for the benefit of encouraging others, and proving others wrong when I finally lose the weight, I’ve posted it. It’s in the horrible picture on this page: 177.

Anyone who’s dieted a few times is likely familiar with the concept that one must burn more calories than one consumes in a day, in order to lose weight. These folks have also likely read that a pound is comprised of 3500 calories. As I’d like to get down to about 130 pounds, I must lose 47. That means I must take in 164,500 less calories than I burn off. Michael Phelps aside, most folks need an average of 2000 calories a day, higher or lower depending on sex (not if one is having sex, although that would burn calories too…), level of daily activity, metabolism, etc.

As a 48-year-old female, I fall into the “challenging” metabolism category. Generally, I have to climb three and a half mountains while carrying a 45-lb backpack to burn off one Krispy Kreme. So not worth it (unless they are hot). Some folks can just cut back on food to lose weight, but I must also work out a couple hours a day to make a dent in this Michelin Woman figure I’ve created. First-day motivation is easy – the healthier food is delicious, and I work out with the fervor that only the newly-active can muster. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I’ll need a lot to keep me going for the likely half a year I’ll be doing this.

Side effect #1 has already started – I’ve peed approximately 37 times since waking. I agree with the “drink 8 glasses of water a day” adage, but I’m already down one kidney, and my cat is trying to sit on me while I type this (natch she waits till I’m actually working on the computer). It feels like she’s targeting my bladder. Be right back.

Well, at least my physical activity increases from all the potty runs. And I get up early to walk five miles with a friend (unless the weather makes it too slippery to walk outside). Adding in another hour of exercise in the day should round things out nicely. I think I’m gonna make it through Day 1 without biting anyone’s head off. Of course I’ve been mostly alone, which benefits everyone. Let’s consider my remaining calorie debt to be 163,500.