I offer the following B2B and B2C professional services:

  • Professional business, marketing and technical writing:
    • Blog posts
    • White papers
    • Articles
    • Job procedures
    • Company manuals
  • Advanced copyediting and proofreading:
      • Web content
      • Books, screenplays, articles
      • Correspondence, presentations
      • Printed/online marketing materials
      • Research projects
  • Web site proofing/breaking a specialty
  • Planning, coordination and execution of projects
  • Database planning for client/contact management
    • Mastery of several software programs
  • Streamlining job processes and writing procedures
  • Office planning, organizing, cost-cutting, and much more…

The advantage to working in several positions in many industries for small companies is that I get to see the product and service process from start to finish, and can easily move from one project to another.  My rates are among the lowest possible, and clients only hire me for the work that they need.  If you aren’t sure if I can handle your assignment, just contact me and I’ll let you know right away!