I am a professional technical and business writer, editor and proofreader; project manager; B2B marketer, executive administrator; and nonfiction writer.  I seldom read anything without making mental edits and thinking of how it could be even better, in relation to content, format, intent and results.  I am also sole proprietor of AdminiPro.

I earned my MBA degree in finance from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, and my BA degree in both political science and Spanish from the University of Pittsburgh (including time at the University of Madrid).  I have served as a mentor to inmates in Bucks County since 2002 in the Mentor+ program, and was appointed Chairman to the Bucks County PRO-ACT Advisory Board in 2015, providing guidance for the volunteer arm of the Council of Southeast PA.

Depending upon the client and the project(s), in the past I have used office management, computer, organizational, proofreading/copyediting, marketing, creative and cost-saving skills to assist companies in short- to long-term projects; restructuring companies to better set them up for improvement and growth without hiring full-time assistance; keep improving myself and my knowledge of new technology to uncover other client needs.

Presently my focus has become writing: content writing for B2B and B2C firms, specifically in the professional services industry; nonfiction writing for entertainment and inspiration in the form of humorous, first-person blog posts, articles and my first book; editing any and all forms of content for professional and personal use; proofreading simply everything; and technical writing for instruction manuals / SOPs, blog posts and article recaps, and on virtually any topic as assigned to make difficult subject material accessible to a layperson.  I have started writing for TV and motion pictures, including writing business plans for media projects and pitch bibles for television shows.

I welcome inquiries for writing assignments ranging from steady part-time to one-off projects in any industry – just contact me and we can discuss your scope and goals.